Harvest tables, also known as farm tables, create a cozy, rustic sanctuary with a modern look. Harvest tables are often at least 6 feet long, narrow and often with hinged drop leaves. Some modern harvest tables sometimes are 4 to 5 feet long. Harvest tables are often associated with rustic rural homes but modern interpretations have made it possible for them to be incorporated in urban interiors. That is where we come in. Our harvest tables are the star of the show. The modern rustic design of our harvest tables compliments casual and upscale eclectic décor.

We hand make our harvest tables form rustic reclaimed lumber. The lumber is cleared of debris and wire brushed to maintain patina, the appearance of an oily build-up on the surface of the stained wood. We enhance the wood in epoxy to ensure your table is protected from wear-and-tear. Epoxy helps to showcase the natural beauty and to bring out history weathered into the beautiful wood that makes our tables. We build our harvest tables with a classical design so they can adapt to various home décor. All our tables are handmade, and as with all our furniture, your reclaimed wood harvest table can be customized.

We make harvest tables suitable for a modern home and country homes. Our harvest tables Toronto , Ontario have a solid wood top, solid wood skirting and solid double bolted legs. Our harvest tables come with double bolts to keep the legs sturdy. Choosing the right legs for a harvest table is essential because the four legs are the defining feature of our harvest tables.  For modern homes, we recommend modern style legs with a matching color top. For country home, we would suggest a two-tone base and turned legs. Our harvest tables easily adapt to any living space and are great for entertaining. They work perfectly with a bench or chairs. We can customize your table to fit the number of chairs you intend to use and we can build your harvest table with a solid wood glide drawer for added storage.

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