One of the main reason as to why we put much focus on wood furniture refinishing rather than buying new wood is because we are saving the environment. We are an eco friendly wood refinishing company and we help reduce carbon footprint used up when refinishing new furniture. Refinishing wood furniture allows us to create brand new styles of sofas and tables to meet our customer’s specifications. If you want a more modern look, we change the stain of the boards to achieve a more darker and contemporary look. We believe that furniture painting and refinishing Toronto is less expensive. We spend less re-staining or repainting an old piece compared to buying a new piece.  Repainting and refinishing is the perfect solution to get a new look from an existing wood that is years old. By refinishing old wood we preserve the value it has acquired over the years and we ensure it will last another extended period of time. We get to reuse high quality exiting solid hardwood by restoring it to create beautiful timeless pieces. Our refinished wooden furniture brings back that traditional and classic layout to your home. It is no wonder we have remained the leading company in reclaimed lumber tables in the last 10 years.

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