About Us

We found our passion for furniture, restoring and repairing antiques. One gains a unique understanding  of workmanship and design when breathing new life into furniture built a century or two ago.

We began designing and manufacturing furniture in the mid 90's, originally wholesaling to local stores and interior designers. We grew to eventually be featured in over 100 fine furniture stores across north  America .

We have been early trend setters combining the unique character of reclaimed timber and  live edge slabs with steel.

Our furniture offers a unique reflection of a clients individuality . Combine this with quality workmanship and our furniture too could last for centuries.

It is our honor to, in some small way, contribute to a family's memories. I hope  you will invite our furniture into your home soon.   

What to expect from us:

Great Design

Informed, experienced , helpful staff

Better quality most stores 

Canadian Made Furniture

Great VALUE pricing 


Our chair suppliers: www.tricafurniture.com